About Us

GreenLight Maximum Recovery is a licensed and accredited collections firm specializing in the collection of both consumer and commercial debt. Our staff collectively has over 25 years of experience in collections. We have successfully collected debts for Developers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Material Suppliers.

Proactive Approach

There are no idle hands here. In addition to the letters an attorney would send, we utilize our outbound call center to contact debtors directly, mediate a resolution, and recover your funds as soon as possible.

Advantaged & Incentivized

As a licensed collection agency we are able to legally pursue outstanding debts on your behalf, with the advantage of being able to do things an attorney cannot. It doesn’t stop there; we also have a clear incentive to recover the maximum amount as quickly as possible, instead of billing you for more hours. This ensures our interests are aligned with our clients.

Experts in State Statutes

Our experienced team is knowledgeable in bankruptcy, contract, and construction law. We keep up with changes in legislation and use our expertise to guide our clients in the right direction year after year.

If you have previously used an in-house collections team, collection company or attorney for your collections issues, you’ve spent money without a guarantee that you would recover the debt. GreenLight is a 100% contingency-based solution for your collection needs. Therefore, if we aren’t successful in recovering your debt, we are not paid. This guarantees that you are only paying for collections when successful.

We are GreenLight Max

If your company has growing receivables due to customers not paying for your services in a timely manner, we are here to assist with the collection of your monies. Our collection services can save your company time and effort while increasing your chances of recovering what’s owed to you. Once you place your accounts with us, you will quickly begin to see results and will no longer be spending money to collect on unpaid invoices.

We Understand

it’s frustrating to be owed money and not be able to collect it.

We Believe

It is wrong to gamble additional money on a debt collection that isn’t guaranteed.

We Know

It’s a burden to keep up with deadlines to file appropriate notices. We keep you focused on what matters most: running your business.

There’s a Better Way

We know you’re overwhelmed and frustrated by the piles of receivables-related work and outstanding debts. We recognize that you may be uncertain about spending money on an expensive attorney without knowing that there’s a more effective way with GreenLight.

GreenLight can free you from paperwork, your fears of spending additional money on lawyers for an uncertain outcome, and set you up with processes that will ensure the best results in the future. We help free our customers to focus on their business growth and not the worries of dispute resolution.

Our corporate office is located in the Design Center of the Americas. Come by for a visit today!

For 30 years, Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) has served the design community with the finest campus amenities and showrooms in the industry attracting world-class designers, architects, decorators, dealers and their clients. At nearly 800,000 square feet, DCOTA is the largest design campus of its kind.


We don't get paid a dime until we get you paid. We'll evaluate your situation and guide you on the best action.


We'll get straight to collecting and get you paid.


We'll help structure your contracts to secure your debts moving forward. Then sit back, relax and think about what to do with all the extra cash.